My Name is Charlie "Sharky" Cornell I am stoked to present this album "Beach Walk".

It is especially close to my heart, because my father got me inspired. He would say to me I love your music son, but that "harang harang" thing, (lead guitar) is too much for me. But I love all your mellow and easy listening songs.

What I decided to do at that point was to bring a collection of those types of songs together. I took a few of the songs from my other CD's - "Footprints" and "Visions" then I wrote some new songs and Wala ~

The new album was born. My father was able to listen to it a week before he passed on, and loved it ~ I am so happy,

It is dedicated to My dad "F. Norman "pops" Cornell --with no--- "harang - harang" music,

~ I feel blessed to have been surrounded by so many talented musicians ~

KICK BACK and Join me for a "BEACH WALK"